(A very late) January Favorites, 2018

january faves

Time flies and it is 2018 already. Since I wanna focus more on enjoying moments, rather than obsessing on targets – I think it is nice to note one and other things made my day. So, here it is – my three favorite things from the new start, January.

Brush Face Rounded – The Body Shop

This particular thing had been on my wish list. Just because I think it was not that necessary, I delayed purchasing it for a long time.

Picture by ConfusedJulia.com

But for once, I felt that my face is ridiculously dull. That ordinary cleanser and toner could not do their job. Thus, a proper cleanse became urgently needed and because I was too lazy to look for other alternatives – I finally bought the brush.

I underestimated this exfoliating brush at first. Just because it felt really soft and I was not sure that this softness could lift all dirt on skin.

It turns out the softness is deceiving. The material is actually tough and it felt rather uncomfortable to be put on my face. But, after sometime I adapted. I learned not to strongly brushing off my face. Just a little gentle brush do remove the unwanted dirt and dead cell. Put it simple: it works very well. My friend even said my skin face is fairer. *blush*

I use it once in two days or even three – to prevent over-exfoliating. For preserving this brush, I always wash it up with soap – for oily skin soap is advisable, since it dries the brush quickly – and make sure that it is not damp before putting the cap, unless you want it to be smelly.

Price: IDR 49 K


Lagani Coffee & Co.

The new Lagani has a kind of industrial vibe with a touch of wooden furniture and green plants. Though, it became not-so-capacious than the former place, it serves as a more comfortable place for me. Small details and thoughtful designs it has, pleases my eyes.

Lagani Coffee and Co.


lagani coffee and co.


lagani coffee and co.

Despite aesthetic factors, Lagani for me personally still serves consistently good coffee with reasonable price. Lagani reminds me how espresso should really taste: a little bitter first and tangy sensation later which tingle my brain. This place is a to-go after spending times exploring and trying out new coffee shops in Jogja.

Price: IDR 15-45 K


Don’t Smile At Me – Billie Eilish

I searched for new playlist and found this album had me ear wormed.

don't smile at me billie eilish

Billie Eilish, a 16 years old singer and songwriter, gave me goosebumps. It was not only her haunting- soothing voice, but also how she composed her music. She used organic sound clips like burning flames, clicking match, and blowing fire.

Her lyrics talked about how one experienced being a woman. It covered a lot of aspect of one’s life, ranging from identity, self-love until coping toxic relationship. Listening to whole album made me revisit my teenager life. These are some my favorite lyrics:

I’ll sit and watch your car burn / With the fire that you started in me / But you never came back to ask it out / Go ahead and watch my heart burn / With the fire that you started in me / But I’ll never let you back to put it out//

And this is astonishing.

My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends and by that I mean / He cuts ’em off / (What?!)

Such a remarkable piece.

You want me to be yours well then you gotta be mine, and if you want a good girl, then goodbye

Looking back, these kind of songs were needed by a lot of young lady out there. In some sense, I felt that Eilish songs are talking about emancipation and liberation – how women should be aware that they have to and can stand strong not matter what happened. I wonder why these kind of songs didn’t exist back then. *cry*

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  1. Atmosfir Lagani Coffee & Co calm banget ya mbak <3 sepertinya kalau lagi mampir ke Jogja harus ke Lagani Coffee & Co nih ^^ Dan terimakasih mbak sudah ngasih tahu tentang Billie Eilish, lagu-lagu Billie Eilish sukses saya dengerin on repeat hihihi apalagi yang My Boy <3

    1. Hai Gita! Terima kasih sudah mampir.
      Lagani emang oke banget, Git. Buat nugas juga kondusif, buat foto oke, kopinya enak. Yah…meski tempatnya kecil.
      Soal rekomendasi lagu…terima kasih kembali! 😀

    1. Hai Onix! Sebetulnya ide tulisan ini ngikut trend di Youtube sih, bikin hal/produk favorit setiap bulan. Tapi karena aku ga selalu beli barang tiap bulan, jadi isinya random aja. Ini juga postingan pertama in English, supaya bisa praktik ilmu dari les-lesan. Haha. Masih belum pede nulis serius, jadi nulis yang lucu-lucu aja.
      Kalau soal nulis kreatif, di blog ini, aku belum pernah bahas sih. Kurasa bukan kapasitasku buat bahas topik itu. Cuma memang aku pernah beli beberapa buku kepenulisan, mulai dari esai sampai cerpen. Cuma…cuma….nggak pernah selesai kubaca. Kurasa cara paling enak belajar nulis itu memang baca tulisan orang lain, bukan how-to, meski dalam beberapa kasus membantu banget. Kalau baca tulisan orang lain, menurutku, bisa ngamatin gaya khasnya…bisa trial-and-error juga.

      Ini template free lhoo. Belum tertarik upgrade premium, diriku belum sanggup. Hehe. Jadi panjang balesnya, tapi semoga memuaskan rasa penasaranmu yak! 😀

      1. Waduh, kalo aku malah: nonton ya nonton, nulis ya nulis. Setelah nonton lalu nulis bisa juga, tp idenya jd ga detail gini HAHAHA.
        Loh,loh, kok samaan gitu mba. Aku juga ngerasa cara paling enak belajar nulis ya memang baca tulisan orang lain. Kata orang buat menemukan style menulis, kita perlu meniru idola dulu, lalu modifikasi, lama-lama akan jadi beda dari orang lain ehehe

        Finally aku juga ganti template karena tau ini ternyata juga gratis yak, Thankyouh, mba!

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